Dear patients,

For your and our safety it is necessary to limit the number of visitors in the Hubertusduin Health Center as much as possible.

General practitioners have taken the following measures:

All GP practices can only be reached by telephone. Docters and assistants are present.

The counter is closed. It is not allowed to make an appointment at the counter, to collect a referral letter or to request repeat medication.

There is no open consultation hour.

All consultations already planned are converted as much as possible into a telephone consultation with your GP. This applies to the consultation hours of all GPs, POH S and POH GGZ.

You may only enter the general practice if your appointment has been confirmed by telephone by your general practitioner no more then one day ago.

In case of an urgent medical problem and a visit is requested, the application will first be assessed by a doctor.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Team GPs and employees